Monday, October 8, 2018

Ilocano Philosophy, already in the US Library of Congress

Dr. Agcaoili:
Adu pay nga aramid. Ken masapul a masustenir.
GAPU kadagiti aramid dagiti indigeno a filosopo iti puli. Gapu iti nainsirmataan a gannuatda. Gapu iti panangilalada kadagiti sanut dagiti pagapuan. Gapu iti panangidaulo ni Dr Danilo Alterado kadagiti akademiko nga aramid dagiti filosophy iti Amianan a Filipinas. Addan katalogo ti Filosopia nga Ilokano iti US Library of Congress.
Dios ti agngina, Dr Danilo Alterado.. Addan naisangrat a katalogo dagiti gannuatyo iti PANL nga inrugiyo

Dr. Alterado:
Filosopia nga Ilokano - adda itan idiay US Library of Congress Catalogue! Kakabsat ken gagayyem iti Filosopia - Kanakem ken Ka-PANL - Pasingkedan tayo daytoy a nagun-od a balligi babaen keni Manong Aurelio Solver Agcaoili! Paaduentayo daytoy a gannuat. Usarentayo in indigeno nga wagas kas iti Agcaoilon PAR (punget-a-ramut) ti panagsukimat ti pagsasao tayo; ken adu pay a wagas: maiyannatup a panagripirip, kontextual a panagmenna-menna, tukay kananakem, palpaliiw....

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dear friends,

Due to the devastating effects of the recent typhoon Lando, the PANL executive board would like to inform you that our 2015 PANL conference on "Engaging Amianan Knowledge and Heritage Discourses," which was scheduled on oct.24-25, 2015, was cancelled, and thereby moved on the second week of February next year, 2016, still at Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU), Batac City Ilocos Norte.

EXACT days and changes in the program of activities will be announced at later dates. Please visit our facebook group and blogsite every now and then for any updates. Thank You

Sunday, October 19, 2014

With the theme, "EPITOMIZING THE AMIANAN LEXES OF LOVE OF WISDOM," the Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon's 11th Regional Seminar Conference was successfully held last October 12, 2014 at San Pablo Seminary, Crystal Cave, Baguio City.

Delegates of PANL's 11th Conference
Just like the previous year's conference (2013), this year's gathering highlighted PANL's reticent advances in its commitment to the creative formation of philosophical approaches for Amianan cultural self-understanding. Dr. Wilfred F. Cabauatan delivered a lecture on "The Ibanag's Concept of Justice," Ms. Marie Frances Denise D. Calde (MA Philos) on "Rethinking Igorot Identity" in light of Foucault's philosophy, and, Dr. Danilo S. Alterado on "Nakem ken Ulimek."

cover page of the book
  The conference culminated with the launching of the first PANL publication, "AMIANAN: A PHILOSOPHICAL ANTHOLOGY," featuring the selected papers presented at PANL conferences for the past ten years. Note that this is just the first of the many upcoming volumes in the future. According to Dr. Alterado, the term "Amianan" is widely accepted to mean "north or northern" (Northern Luzon/Philippines). Etymologically it comes from the Iloko term "amian" which refers to the cold breeze or wind that comes forth from the north. Thus the word "Amianan" aptly represents and symbolizes the chilly breeze of wisdom that comes from the north. Incidentally, the Latin "ami" ruminates the idea of love which intrinsically allied with  philosophy as love of wisdom.

Congratulations to all the authors of the chosen lectures/papers presented in the past. And thanks to all the members for all your untiring support. Long live to us all!

For more pictures about the event, please click this link: 11th PANL Conference pictures

Saturday, November 23, 2013

10th Convention 2013

The Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon (PANL) Inc. successfully held its 10th regional conference last October 26, 2013 at the Gerald Decaestecker Conference Hall of Saint Louis University, Navy Base Campus, Baguio City. With the theme, "Trailblazing Amianan Philosophies and Cultures," the conference highlighted PANL's reticent advances in its commitment to the creative formation of philosophical approaches for Amianan cultural self-understanding.

In the morning, two plenary speakers, Prof. Florentino Hornedo, PhD, from the graduate school of the University of Saint Thomas, delivered a lecture on "The Ivatan Concept of Leadership," while Prof. Aurelio Agcaoili, PhD, from the University of Hawaii at Manoa  delivered a pure Ilocano video presentation lecture on "Ti Vokabulario ti Panakitakit ken dagiti Sansanut Amianan". Speakers in the afternoon delivered their lectures in parallel sessions: Mr. Francis Matay-eo, MA, on "Land and Ancestral Domains as Philosophy of Dwelling among the Cordillera Indigenous Peoples";  Mr. Rex-Belli Alejandro, MA, on "Panagtagikua ken Panagparangarang: Engaging Philosophy of Liberation as a Point of Departure for a Contextual Panagmennamenna"; Atty. Mark Gil Ramolete, MA, on "Pluralism, Recognition and Indegenous Rights (Panagduduma, Panangbigbig ken Indigenoso/Nainsigudan a Karbengan"; Mr. Romano Bulatao, MA, on "The Mothering Aspect of Pangasinense Identity: An Etymological Reflection on Zinawa and Malinak"; and the La Liga Philosophia of USL on "From Koffun to Pavvurulum and Beyond: The Ybanag Concept of Friendship." Nonetheless, after all lectures have been delivered in the afternoon, PANL conducted a Logic quiz bee for the first time, and the representative philosophy students of Saint Mary's University of Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya, came out as the grand winner.

Although the ten years of PANL's existence has been remarkably challenging since its foundation in 2003, the association is continuously  growing despite the difficulties and challenges it is facing. PANL remains to be solid and firm with its commitment  towards the creative formation of philosophical approaches to the study of local cultures, specifically in Northern Luzon. The association takes pride of its officers and members for their willingness to discover and share the richness of the Filipino culture each time there is an intellectual philosophical gathering like this one.
Thank you for all your support, and may our association continue to thrive through the coming years!

For more images, please click this link:10th convention pictures

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

9th Convention (2012)

The Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon (PANL) Inc. successfully held its 9th conference last October 13-14,2012 at San Pablo College Seminary, Crystal Cave, Baguio City.

With the theme, "The Contributions of Philosophy in the Intellectual Culture of Church and Society in our Globalizing World," the conference highlighted current exchanges on the crucial role and contribution of philosophy in our intellectual culture in the fast changing world as well as its response to the challenge of teaching philosophy for critical and transformative ethos. The lectures provided faculties and students of philosophy an avenue for engaging discourse and heightening philosophical impetus for the best interest of philosophy formation for the young.

Prof. Eduardo Calasanz talked about "Reclaiming the Mystical in the Philosophical," Prof. Letecia Tolentino on "Philosphy as Conversational Partner of Church and Society," Dr. Wilfried Vanhoutte on "Globalization and Meaning-Giving: Reflections on the Tension between Pluralism and Uniformity," and Dr. Reynaldo Dumpayan on "Rethinking the Idea of Culture in Theology - Insights from Postmodern Thought."

Thank you for all the members' untiring support! Long live PANL!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

8th Regional Seminar Conference (2011)

The PHILOSOPHICAL ASSOCIATION OF NORTHERN LUZON (PANL), Inc. successfully held its 8th Regional Seminar  Conference at the Seminar Hall, Fourth Floor of BBCCC Building (Baguio-Benguet Community Credit Cooperative) Assumption Road, Baguio City last October 21, 2011 (Friday).

The theme of this year’s academic gathering was Teaching Philosophy and the Challenge of Quality Education: Principles and Strategies.This year’s seminar conference responds to the challenge of pedagogy in teaching philosophy for critical and creative thinking. It aims to provide teachers/instructors of philosophy the content of teaching and also the methods they must employ to be more effective in the task of instilling philosophic ideas and life-tested values to students. The speakers were Prof. Narcisa Canila (UP Baguio), Prof. Ronald Taggaoa (SLU Baguio) and Prof. Hermida (Ateneo).

Congratulations to all the members and thank you for your active participation!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Save Our Mother Earth Now Concert

The Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network (APIYN) and the Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon (PANL) have come together and gave an audio-visual concert that aims to educate young and old about the alarming environmental situation humankind is facing, the grave threat of climate change and global warming to all life on earth. It also aims to educate about the cultural identity, diversity issues confronting indigenous youth.

Presented last September 20, 2009 at the Baguio Convention Center, Baguio City, the concert program brilliantly interweaved lights and sounds and the viewers on a journey that encompassed indigenous people, the environment, and other soci0-cultural issues. With stunning visual animation, backed by the best environment-advocate musicians in town, viewers enjoyed the breathtaking storytelling done by combining the old concert mechanincs with new flash animation technology. Not only that the concert provided additional awareness to environmental issues but also marked a memorable aesthetic experience.

All hope is not lost for our Mother Earth. Thank you for helping us saving our only home, our planet.

(note: The APIYN is a youth organization and is an expert on the field of youth organizing, mobilization and advocacy of youth issues. APIYN is also an indegenous peoples organization and has been involved since 2002 on issues of indegenous peoples. It has been closely involved in advocacy and lobby for the recognition of IP rights at the United Nations level and national levels).

Friday, December 5, 2008

World Philosophy Day

The Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon, in cooperation with the Department of Philosophy of the University of the Philippines Baguio, together with students majoring in philosophy, the New Louisian Philosophical Society (NEOLOUPHIS) of Saint Louis University, had a week long celebration of the 7th World Philosophy Day (Nov.20,2008) from November 17-22, 2008.

This year's theme is
"Power and Rights: Reaffirming Human Digninty Through Just Social Institutions." This is in commemoration of the 60th years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Dr. Julius Mendoza, Head of the Department of Philosophy of the Universtiy of the Philippines Baguio delivered a lecture on "The Correlate of Claim-Rights" in the afternoon of November 20. All members of PANL from different schools and regions in northern luzon were also encouraged to enjoin an activity during those day/s bearing our association's name.

Monday, December 1, 2008

6th Regional Convention (2008)

The Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon (PANL) conducted its 6th Regional Convention last October17-18, 2008 at the City of Baguio, hosted by the Maryhurst Seminary. This year’s theme for the convention was “Philosophy and Human Formation: Keeping the Intellectual and Religious Tradition Open in the Age of Globalization."

The first plenary lecturer was Dr. Julius D. Mendoza (University of the Philippines Baguio, Philosophy Chair), shared something about "Globalization, Uncertainty, and Tradition." Following the plenary lecture were the simultaneous concurrent lectures delivered by Professor Jeffrey M. Centeno (Saint Louis University Faculty) and Mr. Fides Bitanga on "Philosophy as Living Wisely: Going Back to the Basics," and on "Forming the Human Spirit through the Preferential Option of the Saying and the Said in the Age of Globalization," respectively.

In order for the participants to unwind from the activities of the first day, the association had a fellowship and cocktail party wherein the delegates were given the chance to listen and watch perform the BINHI band in persons. The second day of the conference commenced with a Eucharistic Celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Bong _____. PANL offered its thanksgiving to the ultimate source of being through the holy sacrifice of the mass. The Convention culminated with the second plenary lecture of Fr. Andres M. Cosalan on "Paul and the Intellectual Currents of His Time."

The election of new sets of officers for 2008-2010 was also conducted in the afternoon of the second day of convention. Mr. Danilo S. Alterado remains to be the president, Ms.Anabelle L. Abordo as the secretary, Ms.Melany DR. Natividad as the treasurer, Mr.Jeffrey M. Centeno as the Press Relation Officer, and Dr.Fernando Martin B. Serrano as the Chairman of the Board (all coming from Saint Louis University, Baguio). The two new exacutive officers are Mr.Alan Anthony Baccay of the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao as the Vice-president for Northeast, and Mr.Reynan C. Afan of Philippine Military Academy as the Vice-president for Northwest. The following three new members for Board of Directors were also elected: Mr. Sergio Imperio of Saint Paul University Philippines, Tuguegarao; Mr. Hipolito L. Jacla Jr. of Saint Louis College, San Fernando La Union; and Mr. Richard G. Aggalao of Saint Louis College of Bulanao, Tabuk City.

For more pictures, click the link:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Process Philosophy and the Metaphysics of Becoming

The lecture of Dr. Andre Cloots on Process Philosophy and the Metaphysics of Becoming in Saint Louis University was sponsored by the Institute of Philosophy and Religion, the SLU Libraries, and the College of Human Sciences and in close coordination with the Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon. The lecture was held at the fourth floor of the Charles Vath Building where it has also given an opportunity for the school to showcase currently acquired philosophy books.

Before going to the lecture of Dr. Cloots, allow me first to present a brief overview of what Process philosophy and Metaphysics are. Process philosophy is an established and time honored philosophical tradition that highlights becoming and changing over static being. Process philosophy has been recognized to be existent in many historical and cultural periods; however, the term “process philosophy” is primarily associated with the work of American philosophers Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) and Charles Hartshorne (1897-2000). Process philosophy is differentiated from other philosophical traditions in its attempt to bring together the varied intuitions found in human experience (such as religious, scientific, and aesthetic) into a consistent and comprehensible all-inclusive scheme. Metaphysics, on the other hand, is a branch of philosophy that deals with the study of reality transcending those of any particular science, traditionally including
cosmology and ontology. Any attempt to investigate what reality is necessitates the need not to be confined on the physical. One must go beyond the physical. Thus, as what one metaphysician has said, “the root and ground of all metaphysical inquiry is the unrestricted drive to know all that there is to know about all that there is.”